By the Fire



Just a quiet moment with my man ❤ 

The AMAZING hearth is the Cozy Old Fireplace by .:Dreamstone:., which is absolutely perfect for our tavern and full of poses.  

Pose: *EverGlow* – Balls #34
Windlight: [TOR] SciFi – Spiceflow


The Basics

This is standard Vera info, no matter what photo she happens to be in.  I’m very fond of her skin and shape; her eyes and hair may change, but everything else stays put!

Skin: MyDear – Chole Pale #1
Shape:  Panda Punx – Tiffany
—Blue:  NoirOptix – Arctic Blue
—Purple:  Plastik – Haunt Collection  Hellfire Lily
Hair:  Usually by Magika
Ears:  Illusions – High Elf Ears
Bust: Lolas (when the outfit has appliers)
Hands: Slink Elegant
Feet: Slink Mid/High

You may also see other avatars in my photos.  If I have their information to share, I’ll post it- otherwise, send me a notecard with questions ;D

Waking Up

Hello world!

My name is Vera (Focusrival Resident) and I like to take pictures of anything that moves or doesn’t, if it happens to catch my eye.  I’ve come to love doing the same thing in SecondLife, where my targets usually hold still for as long as I want and I can control all of the lighting.  

I do very little post-processing, and most of my pics come right out of the viewer.  I’ll try to list important outfit pieces and where I get my poses, but please feel free to  send me a notecard in-world in you have a question about something you see! 


Thank you for visiting ❤