And Then, a Wedding


So this happened today…a very happily-anticipated in character wedding.  Vera and Thrace have been together in multiple worlds, but on Mystara they’ve been cautious.  They don’t exactly live or work in the safest area.  Time and confidence led to a proposal, however, and now they can live happily ever after.  ❤  Well, their version of it, anyway!

The details, before the pics:

The Bride
Her Dress: The White Armory – Royal Court Gown Set
Her hair: Wasabi Pills – Kylee
Her necklace: Enfant Terrible – Moonchild Necklace White
Her flowers: Phenix “Lily & Roses’
The rings: ::Fushion:: Diamond Ring
((Sidenote:  I expected to pay much more for my dress, and was shocked at how well this one worked out.  100L?!  IT’S BEAUTIFUL.))

The Groom
His outfit: Eclipse Development – Lavish (with Reisen boots)
His hair: Dura #49 // *ARGRACE* ARATA

Several poses and lighting settings were used, too many to name- if you want to know one in particular send me a note and I’ll try to sniff it out.  ;D

Other participants:  Father of the Bride Shensai, and baby-wolf-adopted-child-thing Eliyr.

The pictures were taken on our sim, because there was no way I wanted to clutter up an RP sim for at least four hours while we fiddled with lighting and poses.  Thrace just…threw stuff around (that’s what it seemed like to me anyway!) and made this incredible, magical setting for us to work with in a matter of minutes.  Photoshoots are a lot of work in general, but a shoot with multiple poses, people, and light settings is an enormous effort.  I’ve been working on this all day!  But it was worth it, and everything came out beautiful.

wedding01 wedding14 wedding17 wedding22 wedding35 wedding46a wedding55a wedding06

There are 55 pics in total (WOOSH) and if you’d like to see them, you can rummage around on flickr!




Look at these fools.  This is what happens in the background of photoshoots…and weddings.  XD

Grandpa Shen is not exactly more mature than Elly.  He gives good magic lessons, though.

meanwhile1  meanwhile3 meanwhile5


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