Small Size, Big Style

alcieshen001Petites aren’t the easiest size to work with.  They are, however, EXTREMELY fun.  We’ve spent the entire day playing with Yabusaka (ver2) avatars.  I already had some clothes from ThatChick, but went back today for this outfit too (the female set).  Very nice stuff.

So here’s a little snap of Shen and Alcie, also known as Veravain’s father and stepmother.  Alcie is a fairy, and Shen is a very powerful mage…so he changes himself or her periodically so they can be together.  D’AWH.


Me and my Shadow


Bit of a cliche title, but it fits my favorite drow.  ❤  Vera and Thrace out walking in the moonlight; Vera likes to be outside but the sun bothers Thrace’s eyes, so most of their outdoor time is spent under the stars.

First picture actually taken on Mystara!  Graphics up!  Go me!  Still need a better graphics card for this.  The world is too beautiful to not be used.