The Twisted Ball


This past Sunday was a fabulous ball event hosted by the Sanctum, inviting surface-dwellers to come and play in the shadows.  Sanctum-dwellers wore black, while their guests wore white.  unfortunately, Thrace and I both crashed so hard and so often we finally had to give up (we filled the sim!  Yessss!).  We did, however, look amazing while we were there.

Our outfits are both pieced together; a good portion of mine comes from the Princely set by GizzA (yep, I was wearing pants and I have ZERO regrets).  I’d also like to give mad props to Little Bones for my adorable hair (Heartthrob) from the Body Modification Expo.  Thanks for helping me find it, Gwen! ❤

Thrace’s outfit is built around the QD/Empire of Quality set ‘Ranger darkness.’  His fantastic hair is from the June 2014 Arcade gacha event, ‘London to L.A.’ by Exile.  (Specifically, he’s wearing L.A.)


twisted_022sm twisted_023sm twisted_027sm twisted_006sm twisted_008sm twisted_015sm


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