Letter – 3/14/2015


Dear  Father,

Against all odds and reason, we have finally arrived at our destination.  Getting out of Mystara was difficult.  The Mysts are never cooperative, but this time they were vicious and strange and twisted.  We didn’t know what to expect.  Bad enough that the voyage was very…lonely, in general.  Thrace has been sedated for the entire trip to keep him from being affected by the water.  I had dear friends on board, of course, but I missed him.

Missing him has been dramatically increased by my recent…discovery.  I’ve felt strange for weeks.  My hunger has been returning, and I’ve been so tired.  We thought it was the Mysts themselves.  No, not at all, it was something much more mundane and predictable.  I haven’t been watching myself like I should, but now I won’t have any choice.  I might not have had a child before, but I know what a pregnant woman looks like, and none of my pants fit anymore!

You should come to join us.  There’s a lovely tower here that really should have a wizard in it. Thrace is still coming out of the  sedation, but in his groggy state he is still joyful; he said he will call his parents, who have much more experience raising a child than I do.  I admit that I’m a little bit- terrified.  I’ve helped with babies before, but how am I supposed to raise my own?  How do you keep a child from growing up to be evil or hateful?  I hope that I can learn very fast.  I don’t want this little one to despise me, as I do Mother. For Thrace’s sake, I hope it will be a boy.

Anyway, as I said, we’ve arrived. The island has only been built up a little, with a very good port town already in place.  My new infirmary is huge and CLEAN, by the Gods.  Ships come and go regularly, for food and supplies and the trade of goods that other ports might look at too hard.  The flow of people is fascinating, and I have only been able to watch for a few days.

I feel very peaceful here, even with the uncertainty of having a baby.  I feel safe.  I think that we will be happy, without the fears that our enemies will hunt us down for our crimes.  For a little while, at least, we will just be normal people.

If you want to join us, ask for passage to the Isle of Daggers, and sail to the northwest.

With love,



Hair: Truth – Nathalia

Dress:  The Muses – Cinder (Maternity Version)

Location:  the Isle of Daggers, aka: home.  ❤


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